Corporate events

Golf is the nº 1 corporate sport in the world. It offers a great opportunity to better get to know your clients and develop stronger professional relations

GOLFMOON has more than 20 years experience organising golf events and has gained a reputation among its clients for excellent quality service based on impeccable execution and a careful supervision of all details leading up to a successful event.

A consolidated experience and quality service delivered allows Golfmoon’s clients to be welcome in exclusive and prestigious clubs in main golf destinations in  Europe, Africa and rest of the world.

GOLFMOON delivers a full service taking into account all related aspects of the golf event offering an integrated service to clients.

Our options for companies

Golf Day

In a Golf day event there are about 40 to 100 players. Normally the game begins with a shotgun so all participants start and finish at the same time.  Usually, the competition is played individual stableford.


After the game, an award ceremony  with a lunch or  a cocktail is served at the club house. A day of golf is a perfect way and an easy format event for companies to reinforce business relations with clients and prospects.

Golf trip

This type of event targets major clients as the cost is significantly higher than a golf day. The duration is 2-3 days either on a weekend or during week days. Local or international outstanding golf resorts host these types of  events. At destination a golf competition and tourism activities are included in the program.


The main objectives of commercial golf circuits are to advertise and or develop loyalty to a brand, product or service among club members.

This type of event usually includes several regional tournaments and the winners are  invited to play a weekend final competition at a nice golf resort.


A Pro-Am is a competition that combines amateur and professional players. A team is made up of 3 amateurs and 1 pro. The attractiveness of Pro-Am events is the special and unique occasion for an amateur to play alongside a professional.The budget will depend on the ranking of the hired professionals.


Clinics are intensive golf lessons either individual or in a group given by a golf professional. These lessons can be of several hours, a full day  or a few days. All compartments of the golf game are taken into account. Long & short game as well as chipping & putting. A round of golf on the course is also possible with the advantage of practicing as well some course strategy shots. Clinics are a great option either for beginners or accomplished golfers seeking to improve their game.

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